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Soils & Fertilizers [ Soils & Fertilizers Articles & Care Tips ]
Healthy, rich soil is the key to a healthy lawn and garden. Tsugawa Nursery offers a large selection of the best soils and fertilizers. As growers and gardeners, we use and test the products that we sell; so we can recommend soils and fertilizers that will make your lawn, garden and plants thrive. We carry Dr. Earth, Espoma, Kellogg, Gardner & Bloome, as well as our own private label fertilizers.

Pest & Disease Prevention [ Pest & Disease Articles & Care Tips ]
Tsugawa Nursery carries both organic and conventional products for pest and disease prevention. We know how much effort you have put into growing the perfect lawn, landscape or garden, and we want to make sure you have the right products available to keep it growing strong. In addition to the top names in disease and pest prevention products, like Bayer and Bonide, we have a seasonal assortment of Beneficial Insects for organic pest control.

Tools [ Tool Articles & Care Tips ]
At Tsugawa Nursery, we know that the right tool can make or break the job. Gloves, trowels, shovels and pruners, we stock tools what we know will transform you’re gardening task from a pain to a pleasure. We look for products that offer a guarantee, like FELCO Pruners and DRAMM Watering Tools, so you won’t be replacing your pruners of hose nozzle before the season is over.

Seeds & Bulbs [ Seeds & Bulbs Articles & Care Tips ]
Starting from seed is the most economical way to grow any garden. At Tsugawa Nursery, we carry a large and fun variety of seeds; such as Territorial and Ed Hume. In the fall our tulips and daffodil and other spring bulbs arrive. Then in late winter, summer flowering bulbs can be found, such as dahlias, lilies, and gladiolas. You can find all the top seed starting supplies too.

Indoor Gardening Supplies [ Indoor Gardening Articles & Care Tips ]
Year round, Tsugawa Nursery carries all the indoor gardening supplies you need to grow your own fruits and vegetables year round, or create an indoor environment for tropical and exotic plants. You'll find the lights, trays and planting mixes that provide all the requirements they need to thrive indoors.

Containers & Statuary [ Container & Statuary Articles & Care Tips ]
Containers and statuary not only expand our growing space, they add structure and beauty to the garden. Every garden has its own unique look and feel, at Tsugawa Nursery we seek out and bring you a diverse collection of garden art, and containers of every size and color. We want you to find the piece that will transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

Pond Plants & Supplies [ Water Gardening Articles & Care Tips ]
The addition of water adds sound, motion and intrigue to the garden. With this in mind, Tsugawa Nursery will help you create a calming oasis in your landscape. You will find the top products whether you are building or maintaining a pond or adding a fountain or other type of water feature. We stock pumps, liners, and the top brands of natural and conventional pond cleaning supplies you need. Our experts will help answer your pond questions or if you are having pond problems we can test your pond water for FREE!

Fish & Fish Food [ Fish & Fish Food Articles & Care Tips ]
Ponds are made even more enjoyable with the addition of fish. Throughout the late spring and summer months we have one of the Northwest’s largest selections of fish for the beginner and the advanced collector, with sizes and varieties that will add color, life and excitement to your water garden. A proper, nutritional diet is key to healthy fish and ponds. Our fish food brands include Hikari and Hai Feng,

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